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Last Podcast On The Left

Aug 29, 2015

It's the first of our three part 9/11 series as we cover exclusively the actual events that happened both in the sky and on the ground in lower Manhattan on September 11th, 2001.

Aug 19, 2015

The Dulce Wars come to an end on this week's episode as Thomas Castello's story of the conflict between humans, Reptilians, and Greys for the soul of humanity comes to a head.

Aug 12, 2015

It's time to go deep underground to the world's largest Reptillian Humanoid-Grey-Human collaborative facility in Dulce, NM as we discuss the horrific genetic experiments performed therein as well as the lunching habits of all three species.

Aug 5, 2015

It's time to descend into Fairyland with the boys this week as we discuss the wide varieties of fairies, their practices, and why you should never eat their tiny cakes.