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Last Podcast On The Left

Aug 24, 2017

It's the return of the sexual poltergeist this week as we cover amorous skulls, genital burning gelatinous goo, the erection of a dead king and much more!

Aug 20, 2017

Today's episode brings us the conclusion of the Jerry Brudos story as we cover the horrific taxidermy experiments that Brudos should probably be known for more than the shoes, the various trickery he used to lure in victims, and his eventual capture due to solid work from law enforcement officials.

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Aug 18, 2017

It's time for little-known Heavy Hitter Jerry Brudos aka The Shoe Fetish Slayer! Join us as we follow little Jerry through his fungus-covered early life in Oregon all the way up to Jerry's first murder, committed right under the nose of his family.

Aug 4, 2017

On the conclusion to the series, we cover the infamous voice that overtook both girls in the Hodgson home, the levitation that shocked a nation, and the unfortunate excreta development that finally drove the family to the edge.

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