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Last Podcast On The Left

Sep 28, 2019

On this, the fifth part of our series on Mormonism, we cover the polygamy-filled years under the leadership of Brigham Young, which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of people due to mass murder and negligence, as well as the founding of Salt Lake City.

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Sep 26, 2019

Ben 'n' Henry break down this week's true crime news: a 22-year-old woman poses as a Ukrainian child, an Ed Buck update, and MORE.


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"Cheery Monday" by Kevin MacLeod (
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Sep 20, 2019

On the last day of our UK/European tour we recorded a Q&A episode in Berlin. You asked, we answered.

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Sep 18, 2019

Ben 'n' Henry break down this week's true crime news: a dead doctor is revealed to have collected thousands of fetal remains, the Jinmenken, and MORE.


Sep 14, 2019

It's the climax of the Joseph Smith portion of the story of Mormonism as we cover the founding of the city of Nauvoo, just what made Joseph Smith believe in polygamy so hard, and the secret rituals of the Mormons, plus the inevitable death of the American Prophet.