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Last Podcast On The Left

Aug 24, 2019

On the second part of Mormonism, we cover the writing of the Book of Mormon itself, including all of the myriad sources Joseph Smith used to cobble together the American religion as well as all the ways Joseph had to sidestep and bullshit to get the thing published.

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Aug 22, 2019

Ben 'n' Henry break down this week's true crime news: Epstein update, a competitive eating death, and an Edmonton man admits to a gruesome killing but says he's not criminally responsible.


Aug 17, 2019

On this, the first part of our gigantic series on Mormonism, we cover the early life of its founder, Joseph Smith, including his early career as a grave robber and his first revelations involving God, Jesus, and an angel named Moroni. 


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Aug 14, 2019

Ben 'n' Henry break down this week's true crime news: Jeffrey Epstein commits suicide, and TV Santa gifts the world televisions.

Aug 10, 2019

On today's episode, we cover Howard Unruh, the first widely-known mass shooter in American history, from his time as a soldier in World War II to his infamous Walk of Death in Camden, NJ that resulted in the deaths of thirteen people in 1949.

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